Map of the world

I have truly talked myself out of the beauty and necessity of dreaming big dreams for so many of the most recent years of my life. In working, parenting, making and keeping money, and travelling, there seemed to be so many obligations, that dreams had no place in there.

However, I have realized that dreams are no longer an optional entity. They are required to have the best life possible, and to offer only my best to all of those whom I meet.

I have thought of this tonight as having a map of the world. Up until this point, my maps have been stored away in my glove compartment, for the time when I would find in my busy life to take those journeys that I would imagine in my mind. Go to all of those places that I was sure that I would find amazing, inspiring, and so in tune with who I am. Yet, a luxury for someday……

No way is that the way to go for me anymore. I keep my map of the world in my pocket. It is full of notes and marks and indicators of all of the places that I will go, all of the things that I will do and discover and create and connect with and BE! The map of the world is the map of all of the dreams that I am going to have come true in this beautiful lifetime.

I will never talk myself out of having all of my dreams ever again. To not live my dreams is to offer half of myself to all of those whom I love, and all of those whom I have yet to meet. It is to show less than the power of possibility to my daughter.

Instead, I want her map of the world to be in her pocket, dog earred and folded and ripped and marked up, because her dreams are so within her reach.


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