Finding my spirit self

One of the areas that I am working on developing, and bringing more to my dream state of it, is the area of spirituality. Spirituality and I have been on many journeys together. Yet, in this time of my life, I am looking deeply at truly what it means to me, and what I want it to bring to my life.

I have explored spirituality usually one of two ways: either through formalized religion, specifically Christianity; and through my Native American roots, by being closer to the Earth and living things. Both have brought me connection and deep sense of purpose, of reaching my soul. Of feeling really connected to something much bigger than myself.

However, I am now wanting something consistent, in terms of practice and belief, that also feels good all of the time, and not contradictory to what I truly think, feel and believe. Organized Christian religion had come to feel that way for me. It really didn’t matter what denomination I tried on; it just felt like relying on man made spirituality brought with it too many expectations that were not connected to the spirit source, but the ceremony of it all. I am looking for something deeper than that.

I can even venture to say that there is nothing like spirituality to get people uncomfortable. I think most humans are looking for deep meaning, and looking to a higher power of some sort to connect with. I can include myself in that group. However, I met so many people in my life who were uncomfortable with my questions, whether questioning the church, or questioning my own beliefs. It cuts deep for so many of us, and my asking the questions reminds others of the questions that they have as well, but are afraid to ask.

That is what coaching has been for me in all life areas, to be honest. Asking the questions that many humans are too afraid to ask, of themselves or others.

Today, I am making promises and taking steps to truly explore. I am spending five minutes each day, committing the time to some activity that truly helps me to connect, to feel a part of, to dig deep. So far, that has been prayer; sitting in nature; and focusing on my breath. What a foundation.

As I go forward, finding and then acknowledging my spirit self is something that will always be with me. It is so important to the rest of my work, and it does well with my soul.


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