This is so exciting, the way in which I am going after my dreams and making them reality. I find myself more and more amazed each day, at how my entire life, its events, its plans and outcomes, are truly in my hands. The part that I play, anyway. I am focused, intentional and committed to living a truly brilliant life.

I was at a party for a group of my friends through Handel Group on Saturday, and was asked by an executive in the company what I “do”. My standard answer is always, “I am working for managed care; not my dream job, but okay for now”, when someone else prompted me by saying, “What IS your dream?” And, just like that, I said, “Reaching out to the world, travelling, being in community with as many human beings I can, changing the world!” or something like that. My true dream, and one that I now know will become my reality.

I think that there has always been a part of me that continued to believe in dreams for myself, however, it was always way too easy to talk myself out of being able to have them. Now, I know that no matter what, having them is truly essential to my well being. And, the well being of the world, truth be told.

Ultimately, I will be writing furiously; coaching madly; posting on social networking sites and having people touched and influenced into action by my words. I will be speaking to groups, getting into dialogue about topics that are taboo, with groups that aren’t ready to hear the topics, or so they think. I will be influencing others to reach beyond their comfort zones and truly up the game of their lives.

I will be busy, changing the world. I see it, I feel it, I KNOW IT.

Join me, will you? Just look for the woman in the hot pink Superhero cape……

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