Passion and desire

Passion and desire had always been two words that I had not used very often in my life. To be quite honest, I never used either one of them unless I was referring to something sexual. And, since I never wanted to speak about such things to anyone, I hardly ever uttered the words.

Over the last year of my life, I have been transforming many areas. One way in which I have been transforming is in how I look at that which I want in my life. How I looked upon my dreams. I had forgotten about dreaming, you see. I had forgotten that I even had dreams, and spent most of my time convincing myself that every different task and avenue that I was taking, was a stepping stone on the way to my dream. Frankly, even though I enjoyed some of the activities, I also felt like they were distractions from what I really wanted to be doing.

Writing, for instance. I have always loved to write, yet wandered away from it for years, aside from the occasional journal entry. Then, about three years ago, a friend got me writing again. On this blog. I haven’t been the same since. Writing is a passion, an intense desire to put into words that which lives in my heart, soul, and mind. I feel whole, alive and pure when I am writing, like very few other activities do for me in this life. I am passionate about it.

I haven’t felt passionate about much of anything in my recent history. I sorely needed to become acquainted with passion and desire, in order to get awakened to that which I called my life.

My life is so full, yet it has been full up until recently with activities that seemed like they would take me to the next step, another level on the long way to my dreams. It always seemed like such hard work, and often times, I didn’t want to do it. I had very little energy to put into it, and could never seem to figure out why I didn’t get more excited about it.

Passionate about it.

Now, today in my life, I am actively working toward dreams in all areas of my life. I am having those hard conversations, with grace and love. I am picking up the phone and calling those that I love, and not just waiting for when I have a free half hour to talk. I am telling the truth and living a healthier life, and feeling amazing about it.

Passion and desire are becoming quite well known to me in my life today. I have full passion, and full desire, for all the dreams that I intend on realizing.



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