Creating 2011!

I am actively scripting how I am creating my new year. Through the use of careful thought, and revisiting all of my dream areas, I have a clear vision of how I want this year to be. I am certain of the outcomes, the places, people and ways that I want to be meeting up with my dreams.

Are these resolutions, you may ask? Nope. I don’t do resolutions anymore. I don’t have anything against them, believe me. I have made many New Year’s resolutions in my life, some of which I have been successful in keeping, others that were pretty short lived. Today, I make promises to myself, and to others, instead of resolutions. It may sound a bit the same, but to me, much different.

With my promises, I don’t wait until the start of a new year, a different job, a new place to live, to put them into place. For me, my promises come into play when I am committed to taking down a trait or behavior that I have had enough of. That has been wreaking havoc in my life long enough.

A promise is also different than a resolution to me, in that, when I make and commit to the promise, I have a consequence already in place, in the event that I don’t keep that promise. A consequence that I will feel the pinch of, and isn’t meant to be a punishment, just an incentive to keep my promise, until I am successful at consistently using my new behavior. There are always consequences to not keeping resolutions as well, yet for me, they always seemed a bit more passive or not so closely felt.

A promise is also different for me, in that with a resolution, I didn’t always embrace how changing the behavior was actually an investment in me improving my life, and moving closer to living my dream. I always thought of a resolution, such as quitting smoking, to be just a change of a behavior, because I should do it, not because I ever connected smoking with not realizing my dream for better health. With my promises, I always am connected to the dream area of my life that the promise is connected to, and I keep that in mind much more often, as I am keeping, or breaking, that promise to myself.

I know without any doubt, that 2011 is going to be my best year ever. Not because my years up to this point have been disappointing; not because I know that I will have a money windfall or new job this year. It is because I know, for the first time in my whole life, that I will be consistently paying attention to all areas of my life; focusing on how to make them as dream like as possible; and loving myself more than ever.

Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Creating 2011!

  1. You sound ready to take on life with assured readiness this year. What a wonderful outlook…best wishes and Happy New You!

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