Joyfully awaken!

During these winter months, there have been many mornings when, rather than get up, and start my day with my exercise routine, I would rather just stay curled up in bed. Sleep in an hour longer, and just rest and cuddle myself there. Yet, when I stay in bed a bit longer, I feel more rushed, and I don’t get to start the day with energy, and life and purpose.

This morning was one of those mornings; initially, I did not want to move. It just felt so good under the covers and cozy. Then, a thought popped into my head. I thought, I can recreate this, and I can create this to be a beautiful, joyful awakening. Greeting the day with intention and purpose. Jumping into it and taking all that I can out of it.

So, that is what I did. I got up, I read my medicine cards which has been my recent routine, and I got dressed and had my workout. And, I felt joyful in it. I do enjoy working out, especially in the morning, yet when I begin it with pure joy in my heart and in the task, it makes it even better. I feel more physically worked out, and feel more present than ever.

I think that waking up in this way this morning, was also a reminder to me to stay joyfully awakened to my life. Stay present and focused ready for my life. Remember that all of my dreams are possible, probable, and that they are within my reach to attain. Remember that no matter what, I can change my thinking and use a different perspective, so that I am living the life that I am truly meant to live.

This week, I stated that I believe that I am meant to live a life of peace, of happiness and joy. I truly do believe that. There are others in this world that believe that we are meant to suffer, and that our lives are learning to cope with that suffering and get through it. Although that is not my way of thinking, I understand that others live their lives in that way. I am so grateful for the realization of what I am truly meant to do here in this world.

To awaken joyfully to my life, and live one of happiness and peace as well.


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