Designing my days

This morning, as I was preparing to leave for my morning of errands, I was absolutely inspired by the beauty of the morning sky. Blue, but not bright blue; a mellow, soft blue, that looked like acrylic paint that had been blended that way. Clouds that were high and fluffy, and had hints of gray in them. It was absolutely amazing to see. The air was brisk and very cold, but it enhanced the beauty that was all around me.

As I drove around today from here to there, doing shopping and attending an AA meeting, I thought quite a bit about the beauty in my world. Beauty that I make a point to notice each and every day. Whether it is the snow covered pine trees that line the highway on my way to work; the blue sky that just inspires me; or stars that fill the nighttime, I feel so deeply moved and connected to it all. And, I realized today what a hand I have in designing those moments of beauty.

No, I had no hand at all in the creating of the world itself. That was a task of a Higher Power. What I design in those moments and those elements of beauty is the awareness of them being all around me. Having the presence of self and spirit to notice and acknowledge the beauty that is all around me. I would feel a loss if I drove to work in the morning, unmoved by the beauty of my environment. I would feel neglectful if I didn’t bring my own attention to the wonders of nature that I see every day. That is what I design; my presence and focus on the beauty that is all around me.

There are so many circumstances and events that occur around me that I have no control or influence over. I am powerless always to change how they transpire. What I can always influence, and make a point to exert more and more often, is how those events impact on me and my state of being. I can be overcome by difficult circumstances, or I can embrace every lesson and see the beauty in all that I am learning and all that I am becoming.

What a feeling of empowerment and joy, for me, to know that all that I have, all that I experience, I have a hand in designing! I know more certain than ever, that I have a true purpose here, and that I will learn more about it as time goes by.

And I will keep designing all along the way.



2 thoughts on “Designing my days

  1. Hi Vanessa!

    Just a quick visit on my way out to pick up the kids.
    Yes, we have a baby girl now. Our boy is already 3yo.
    I have missed writing and have found time to start, again.
    Then, I remembered you and wanted to visit with an old writing pal.
    As usual, your thoughts are very in sync with mine.
    Awareness is all you can always bring to any situation – and it is very valuable.

    Check out my new blog if&when you feel like it. You’ll find I mentioned mindfulness earlier today.

    A big hug, wishing you peace in all you are aware,


  2. Hello, my friend!!!!

    A BABY GIRL? How cool is that? Congrats, love. Thank you for coming by, I really do think of you often. I have a new spirit and have found my writer’s soul recently, again. I am blogging a few times a week now, and writing every day; it feeds me. I am doing so much exciting stuff and have written about most of the last year journey here on the blog. I will send off an email to you soon as well. Love, Vanessa xxoo

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