Being willing

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The more that I explore who I really am and what has brought me to this particular point in my life, the more that I discover ways of thinking that I believe will guide throughout the rest of my life, in a wise and profound way. One of those theories about my life is the process of being willing.

I have often heard the slogan of a person being “ready, willing, and able”. It always seemed to make sense to me. However, I think for my purposes, it needs to be that we have a willingness first. I don’t know if the slogan refers to a readiness coming first, or if we have all three at once. However, in real life, I see them each as separate entities.

On any given day, I possess a readiness to get a new job; lose ten pounds; or make more money. I would even venture to say that I am able to do any and all of those things at any time, even at this very moment. However, if there is not a willingness present, then the rest is not possible.

I believe that the willingness is the most important part of this equation. A willingness for me to believe in my own capability. A willingness to learn the lessons that are being given to me. A willingness to ask for help if I am struggling or in pain. If willingness is not present and strong, it really doesn’t matter that standing here, I am ready and able. I have to turn it over and be willing for the greatness to come.

As I have been pondering this theory, I have found for myself the deep connection for me between willingness and having faith. Willingness to me, means that I am turning something over, letting go of fears and hesitation, and giving myself up to something. A surrendering of sorts. That is what being willing means. So, this is a profound connection for me to make, as I continue on my journey to define faith for myself and finding who I am spiritually. This piece of the puzzle will take me far.

So, I know in this moment, I am ready, and able for just about anything. As I go forward into my life, I will continue to strengthen my willingness to make magic and design brilliance.


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