It is my time

This is my time. My time to take what life has to offer to me, to grab opportunities and to work with them. Heck, to create those opportunities for myself. To boldly go where I have always dreamed of going, but have never dared. Today is my time to see the world, go on adventures, and achieve what I set my mind to.

I have dreamed and dared and achieved before. I have worked hard and been successful. However, it has been a long time since I have truly felt inspired on a consistent basis. I want to feel inspired all day, every day. To have a spirit and sense of what I most want to do in this world, and to feel that spirit in the midst of every task that I take on. I want to feel the energy around me so thick, it is electric. I want my magic to flow from my fingertips and everything that I touch turn to gold.

I want to know in every second, in every action that I take, that everything is possible, anything is possible. That is how I know that my time is now, because I am so ready for that.

I am ready to heal myself from anything that ails me, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I am ready to be full of hope and to never, ever, EVER give up. I am ready to be endless in the amount of energy that I have to devote to whatever it is that I want to do.

I am ready for so much love that my heart could burst. I am ready for loving myself enough to make mistakes, forgive, and ask for forgiveness when I screw up. I am ready to tell the truth, and to stand in that truth with anyone and everyone that I meet. I am SOOOO ready to believe in who I am and take it to the streets, show it to the world and help everyone that I meet create their own magic.

Today, is my day. This is my time.

I am ready for greatness.

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