Creating home

As I go forward, working on all of the areas of my life, and enhancing them to be closer to the dream state, one that I am focusing on much of the time lately is the area of Home. Since I began my coaching through my work with the Handel Group, I have focused on various life areas. Home has been a key area as of late.

For one of the more practical reasons, home is an area I am working on as I embark on creating a new home for myself and our daughter. A physical place to live and to feel comfortable. I have a clear idea of what, and where, that home will be. However, I am realizing the other aspects of home that are also part of this dream.

Home is also a feeling of comfort, calm, warmth and light that I need to create within myself. In order to go toward every dream that I have, I have to feel confident, full and at home within myself. Meditating and getting my spiritual ground each day is helping me to do that. Coming into the center of my self is helping me to create home within. Actually seeing the light and warmth that I possess helps me to feel at home within my own skin.

There are other ways that are helping me to create my own feeling of home. My home, within and without, has to feel safe, and a strong feeling of comfort. The safety comes through the boundaries that I establish, so that I can see where I end, and other people begin. I need to be firm and assertive in what I want, need, and will not tolerate, in order to feel at home with my self.

I also need to know that no matter what, I am important, I matter, and I can come home to me, and have that be enough, more than enough. Have that be special and unique and inviting. That is beautiful also within itself.

So, as I consider moving on and out, I realize that I am truly home, right here and now. With myself.


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