Doing the best that we can

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On any given day, we are all only doing the best that we can. It might not be the very best that we have to offer, but on that day, in that moment, it is the best that we can do. For right then and there. Just trying to push up through the soil, go toward the sunlight and maybe grow a bit.

There are times that I have lost sight of this being the truth about us as human beings. When I have believed that just for the fact of me believing in another person, and being there for that person, that they could meet every expectation that I might have for them, even if those expectations seemed small to me. I still gave with an expectation to receive in return, even if it was companionship, honesty or connection. Those ideas may have seemed to me like not much to expect or ask for, yet big requests for some people to have available to give.

I have had to really simplify what I truly expect from others in this world, and not because I don’t believe in others, but rather, because I DO believe in them. Believe in their limitations and their humanness. Not every person that I encounter thinks of me as they try to get through their lives, or worry about whether or not they are meeting my needs. That was my arrogance coming through big and shiny for much of my life: to take so much personally that others would do, or not do, and then act arrogant about what I was owed in return. The lack of love for myself has led me to seek so much outside of myself.

Now, I am loving myself deeply and more than ever. As a result, I can accept more readily that those in my life, and those that are no longer an integral part of it, only do their best effort at any given moment. Most of the time, what I expect or don’t is of no consequence to that person, as is the way it should be. If each of us had more focus on being true to ourselves, then I believe we could truly be there for one another in more effective, deep and loving ways.

So, I continue to learn, grow and transform as I go forward in love, for me and others, and realize that we all are making the best effort that we can, and there is always room for expansion!


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