Truth and consequences

Boy, am I learning about these two areas: truth, and consequences. From various angles and perspectives. The lessons that I am learning in relation to these two areas is different than I have ever encountered in my life. It is helping me to gain wisdom, understanding for others, and more compassion and less judgment.

Truth? First off, I am learning how important it is to tell the truth, at all times. Now, I know that when I have stated this before on my blog, it has struck a chord with some of my readers, who state that telling the truth is not always appropriate, fair or compassionate. I can only speak to my own life experience, and what I know is that always speaking the truth in my life today is necessary and loving. In the past, I have not told the truth to many in my life. The most common reason that I would site is that I was only thinking of them, or looking out for them by not telling the truth, or the whole story. Now, I know that withholding that information, that truth from others, is more painful than telling the truth. When I don’t tell the truth about who I am or what I believe, I am living a lie by portraying myself as someone that I am not. I want to be my true self.

Consequences? Well, there have been good ones, and bad ones in my life for my actions. In the past, there have been consequences for not telling the truth for being my true self. I worried about my alcoholism for years before I acted on it, and kept that secret from most of those in my life. I never said that I wasn’t satisfied or that I was unhappy in my relationships. I kept many things from my parents about my hopes, fears and dreams. I wasn’t myself, and I lost time with those that I love while being truly authentic.

Today, the positive consequences for me for telling my truth is closer relationships with friends, and with my parents and siblings; a more open and communicative relationship with my daughter; a life of sobriety that I feel happy, healthy and proud about; a list of dreams that I put forth with intention to achieve; and a body that is strong, healthy and sexy. I still have negative consequences at times, self imposed ones when I don’t keep a promise to myself. Yet I see those coming, because they are always directly connected to any time that I not in integrity, and I am getting better at catching them fast.

For me, speaking, living and standing in the truth is really the only way to live. It is challenging at times, and I am getting better at it the more that I do it. Yet I know that the only way that I can live a full, joyful life is to go forward in this way.


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