Finding my mission.

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As I wake up each day, and go forward with intention and purpose into my life, I understand more clearly what my mission is here on this earth, in this lifetime that I have. Although I am open to any information that the Universe sends to me, more than ever before, I also have some initial ideas of what I am here to do. To the timid, the list of tasks and dreams could seem quite daunting. However, I am unmoved from knowing that it is essential to live the happiest life that I can, and to be able to have full love, compassion and understanding with those around me.

One of my missions here is that of teacher. I walk this line in a very deliberate way, because in the past, I have assumed that my role as teacher, meant role as expert, as all knowing and the authority on what I thought that I knew. As the teacher, I have much to learn still, and in the last year, have had to give up much arrogance and self importance, and instead, realize that I have to be a willing learner and listener, in order to be the best teacher that I can.

Another mission along those lines is messenger. Through my coaching that I am doing with the Handel Group, I understand the need to pass along to others a message of hope, a message of encouragement that will faith in oneself, and knowledge of the heart, that dreams are possible and can be made real. Being a messenger feels like a much bigger task than even a teacher, because I am not just passing on what I have learned from others. I am bringing information to others that I believe and know to be true, because I have lived it or recognized it in myself. There is a subtle, yet powerful difference in that.

Another mission is that of storyteller. I have learned much in the last year, and one of the things that I have learned is that I assume that I know what my story is. In fact, I have never really asked the questions that I need to so that I can accurately portray the story of me. I haven’t even bothered to ask the questions of myself in order to know. So, as a story teller, I explore and find out, and then I tell my story, and the stories of our family and history, so that no one forgets or is left behind. This mission keeps me keenly connected to my Native American roots as well, in that our tribe can only carry on if the stories continue to be told.

The last part of my mission that I have realized so far, and possibly the most important, is that of healer. I am so aware of how much healing I need to bring to the world, in a humble and loving way. More importantly, I have brought so much healing to myself in the last few months it is truly an amazement to me. I never realized how much I had been hurting, until I stopped and listened to how much I had been hurting. It really was that simple. So, today, through my bringing healing to myself, I am able to bring the healing to others, the gift of self knowledge so that each person can learn to heal themselves. I no longer need to have the satisfaction that a person is whole because I made them so; it is such a comfort to know that through trust in others, I am able to allow them to free themselves from pain.

I love this life, I love my evolution. And, I truly know how much I still have in front of me to really live out this mission of mine.


4 thoughts on “Finding my mission.

  1. Hi Vanessa,

    As always, your post has had a very stimulating and enlivening effect on me.
    As far as I’m concerned, your mission as a messenger has been fulfilled because you were the person to revive my faith in dreams and goals. I now believe that dreams can come true and though I haven’t done much in that aspect yet, my mind has become alert to people pursuing their dreams with fervor and zest and this is a powerful stimulus for me.
    Thank you very much for your post. I wish you good health, good luck and a lot of courage.

    1. Shiona: When someone lets me know that they have been affected and inspired by my experience, it moves me so deeply. Me stating my mission, and having persons hear it, that is part of the mission itself. You can have your dreams; it can be so easy to talk ourselves out of them, and they don’t happen overnight and without diligence. However, my life is so changed from a year ago, in ways I wasn’t sure would happen for me. And, the main thing is, I am the one making them happen!!! Keep coming back…. hugs! Vanessa

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