The smiling passerby.

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Yesterday I was driving home from work. It had snowed heavily overnight, and we had several inches of fresh snow on the ground, yet the highway was dry and clear for travelling. As I drive home, doing the speed limit on the Interstate, it is not unusual for several cars to pass me by. As one large vehicle was passing me, I looked to my left, and a woman in the passenger seat was looking at me, and smiled. Not just a flash of a smile, but a beautiful, open, sincere smile. Full of compassion and good will.

It was absolutely incredible.

I thought about it all the rest of the way home. It stayed with me because it seems so infrequent that such interactions occur with human beings anymore in my world. So many persons are rushing around, trying to get from here to there. It seems that there isn’t much time for intentional smiles to one another anymore. And, the smile was just so warm, no strain, no lack of authenticity. Pure warmth.

At first, my interpretation of that brief, yet powerful exchange, was that we just happened to be looking in one another’s direction at the same time, both smiling and sharing a moment. Then, I thought about it some more last night. I truly believe that her warm, open smile was a direct response to mine.

What I realize more and more each day is how much I am learning to truly love myself. The deeper and more profound that love grows, the more open and bright I am toward my world. I believe that is what occurred on my way home yesterday. As I drove my way home, just enjoying my ride, my music, and the blueness of the sky against fresh, white snow, I felt filled with bliss and hope. I passed that message on, right out through the bright grin on my face. And, that is what that amazing human responded to.

Can’t you see the amazing power in that? When I say that I intend to change the world, I truly mean it. And, what I learned yesterday, is that I can begin to change my world, one person at a time, simply by loving myself, and letting the world know it.



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