Communicating in pattern and rhythm

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Every morning, I draw a card from a deck of 44 Native American medicine cards. It always starts my day reflecting on my connection to living creatures and the earth, and each card has a corresponding meaning, which is described in the book that goes along with the cards. In almost all cases, the card that I draw seems consistent with something that I am working on at the time.

Today, I drew the Dolphin animal card. One of the ways in which the Dolphin would bring medicine to the Native people, and how it brings that medicine to me, is in the nature of its communication. Dolphins are known to be highly intelligent, and communicate in very specific ways. The Dolphin knows and uses communication in pattern and rhythm as a way to get its message heard.

I thought about that description after I read it. And, besides the fact that Dolphin vocalizations are distinct, humans also communicate in pattern and rhythm. How we send our messages to those around us makes all the difference in how connected that we feel to others, and how clearly we feel understood. When I am intentional, and present for the words that am using, then I feel like I am in tune with the pattern and rhythm of the messages that I am sending to others. When I react, grow harsh, or hurry myself in my responses, I am out of synch with effectively communicating, with no real pattern to my message. More than likely, when I react in that way, my communication not easily understood.

I want to learn to communicate more effectively, and find myself working harder on that each day to be clear, direct, and truthful in what I say to others. There is always the temptation to say, “It’s fine”, or lie about something that I should be transparent about. When I lie, I feel a part of myself crumble, I feel out of synch with my world and with those that I care about. I lose my rhythm.

So, in the spirit of my Dolphin medicine, I am working more diligently at being ever present, ever intending in what I say, believe and do. And, as a result, I feel connected to the very patterns and rhythms of the world in which I live.


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