The beauty of the rhythm of breath.

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I continue to be amazed at the power that I feel when I am present to my breathing. Breathing has been for most of my life, just one of those things that I did, without giving it any thought. I heard suggestions from people who did a lot of meditating to be conscious of breath. I participated in relaxation exercises that involved drawing in, and holding, a deep breath and then releasing it slowly.

I have said the word, “breathe” to someone who is anxious or upset.

However, breath and breathing for me has become an entity of acute awareness in the course of my day. I have realized for a long time that there is power in staying present in my life, in my day. I am living a life of sobriety that is built on the foundation of a day at a time, and sometimes a moment at a time, so that helps me to stay more present. Still, the power of breath and getting more present in my life is significant.

I am becoming more aware of the rhythm of my breath, and how essential it is to how my day will go. If I feel rushed, or not focused on what I am doing, I get the sense that my breath is just not focused and intentional. I can breathe without thinking about it, however when I really think about it as I am doing it, at various times of the day, it really brings me back to basics.

It also connects me to the power of breath and my heartbeat sustaining this physical body of mine. There is such greatness in that, that my lungs can hold the air and sustain me. That my heart can be strong and beating to keep my blood flowing and keep me alive. It is all so fragile, and yet so powerful.

I can say, in this moment, what a deep appreciation I have for my life and the lessons that I find in it today. And, I am grateful for the breath that keeps me present, focused and alive.


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