International Day of Awesomeness!


My friend Lance, over at the Jungle of Life blog, sent me a message this morning that today, March 10, is International Day of Awesomeness. Totally brilliant in my book. And, you know what? I know that I am going to have an awesome day!

It was so telling that his email was waiting for me as I went to my computer this morning. Usually, I am up by 5:15 every weekday morning, doing my workout to start my day. Today, I awoke much earlier than that, filled with thoughts and anticipation of what the day holds for me today. Today, I begin looking at new places to live. I feel hopeful and actually excited. I really feel pretty awesome about it.

There is much to this process that is going to be challenging at times, yet the more that I face the truth about it, and put some reasonable expectations for myself, I find that the worry fades away. I do my best and let go of the rest. Totally awesome in my book.

I have found myself to be in such a place of grief and uncertainty at times about this move, about all of these changes in my life, that I have been less than enthusiastic about it. I have been pulling the bandaid off slowly from this wound of endings and changes. So, with actually looking at apartments and figuring out my budget and options, I pulled that sucker off. The bandaid is off and the wound is now getting air and actually being allowed to heal.


So, once again, I am in gear to find a space that is homey, secure, warm, and full of everything that I want and need to offer myself and my daughter. My life is taking some pretty serious paths right now to my dreams, and I want the home that I create with her to only enhance that for both of us.

EXTREMELY awesome.

So, on this day, and on every day going forward, I am going to focus on the awesomeness of my dreams, and my own awesome nature in going toward them.

Have a completely awesome day.


4 thoughts on “International Day of Awesomeness!

  1. Vanessa,
    You are so, so wonderfully awesome…and it is a complete gift to know you.

    And know too, that you brighten my days with the beauty you shine!!

    Much love,

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