I am tired!

Today, I am tired. Not a time-change-and-have-to-adjust-to-it tired, not a life-is-wearing-me-out-tired. Not a “I can’t take it anymore” tired. Just, tired. Tired from all of the living that I am currently doing.

I am working really hard at my life right now, and I have to say, I am enjoying the toil. I am enjoying the physical exercise and diligence about what foods I eat. I am enjoying the arrangements for my new place to live and securing the details. I am enjoying the time that I am spending with our daughter. I am even enjoying the conversations, conflicts and resolutions that I are ongoing with my ex and myself. Those conversations are deep, difficult and necessary. And, I am learning about her, and myself as we keep going through them.

Keep moving forward, as my friend, Susan, told me last week. Keep moving forward.

So, that is what I am doing. I am planning, grieving, celebrating, dancing, resting, eating, and embracing. I am excited, nervous, scared, sad, and relieved. I know that my life is taking some terrific turns, and in this moment, I truly believe that I deserve them all. I know that I am living true to myself, and being truthful to others more than ever before in my whole life. That really feels amazing, to feel confident in what I am doing and who I am, even when confronted with what others think of me that is totally contrary to that.

I am confident and secure in who I am and where I am going. And, because I have planned, lived, and dreamed fully and passionately today, I am tired.

Good night.

2 thoughts on “I am tired!

  1. You have every reason to be tired. I feel like I’m watching you wiggle and struggle like a butterfly coming out of her cocoon. Drink plenty of water, keep your socks on and take lots of naps!

  2. That is awesome to visualize for me; I am wiggling and struggling my way out, and these wings are going to be bright, brilliant and take me to the highest heights!!! Thanks my friend. Be well today with lots of love, Vanessa

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