Opening Up

So, I have written about this many times already, however, the process of opening up my heart continues to gradually occur. And, today, I felt it more deeply and more open than ever before. Truly an incredible and awe-inspiring experience.

What does an opening heart feel like? A few things come to mind:

A feeling of presence, being attentive to the experience of the moment;

A true feeling of calm, of peace within and without;

Seeing love shining from my eyes when I look in the mirror;

Being WILLING to look in the mirror and feel good things when I see myself;

No judging or better than thoughts popping into my head when I talk with someone;

Speaking, and listening, and feeling absolutely certain about the words that are coming from my mouth;

A true sense that everything in my life is happening as it should;

And, an abiding faith that I will always be okay.

I find it so absolutely amazing that I believed at earlier points in my life that my heart was fully open. Boy, was I mistaken! Today, when I experience this, it is truly one of the best experiences of my life.

I have moved, physically, emotionally, and mentally, many times before in my life. However, this move that I am making in a few days is a move toward my dreams, not away from conflict. It is walking into my life, not running away from a situation I can’t handle. I am leaping into my future, not doing all I can to numb any pain I am feeling and don’t want to face. The only other times in my life that I have moved, except when I moved away to college, were to run away from something, or run headfirst into something that I was not ready for. I see that now, and that is no reflection on anyone else, except me.

Now, I can be present in every moment of my life, and find the joy and the lesson in it, without waiting for some preconceived result to occur. I can let those in my life be who they truly are more easily, without the need to change or fix them. I can live with my heart opening more and more, and understand that it is the only way that I will have my dreams.

I am rocking my own world…….


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