Monthly Archives: April 2011

I am discovering my purpose.

Each day, with each promise that I keep and step I make toward my dreams, I am realizing my purpose of why I am here. A year ago, that seemed somewhat mysterious to me. Today, I feel more and more clear about what my mission is here on this earth.

One of those purposes is to heal and make closer all of the important relationships in my life. To do that, I am being more honest, being my true self with those that I love, and apologizing or clearing up where I have acted selfish or unkind in the past. What I am discovering by being sincere and truthful, my relationships with my family and closest loved ones are deepening and are more honest than ever.

Another one of my missions here is to assist others in discovering their own greatness through my writings. By posting on this blog, writing my daily affirmations, and documenting my progress through my work with the coaching program, I am using my own experiences, and by writing them down, helping others to discover what they are truly capable of. The words are no longer just concepts that I want to believe in, but examples of how I am using these new lessons in my own life.

I am also seeing how living in the light of truth, and being the best person I can be, is part of my mission here on this earth. To be loving, nonjudgmental, fair and honest, is to show others how to thoroughly enjoy their own lives. I have been judgmental and unfair in the past, and have even closed off my heart out of fear of being hurt. Today, I know that living with an open heart is the only way to be truly happy.

One final mission of mine is to live my life as fully present in each moment as I can. I need to pray, meditate and stay in the moments of my life so that I can absorb all that there is here for me on this earth. By doing so, I can take my message forward for others. Ultimately, it is my connection to self, that will bring me to a deeper connection to others, and to the world at large. I am believing and trusting that all is well and by letting others know of this power, I hope to change lives.

I have always wanted to change the world, and was never sure how I would be able to do that beyond saying so. Today, I am learning my mission, changing my own life, and thereby changing the world. Truly amazing.


Today, over the course of the day, I stopped a few times and just thought, “WOW”. WOW because I feel like I am fully eating, drinking, and taking in of my life. I am designing it, I am engaged and intending so much of what I experience each and every day. I felt inspired and absolutely energized.

The truth is, I notice this more and more each and every day, for more of my day. No matter whether I have a few things on my agenda, or just a couple of things, I feel in the trenches of my life. I get dirty with it, splash around in it and thoroughly take it in. I swim in it and enjoy it. I understand more clearly what it feels like to truly live a life that we love.

I know that I have so much in store for me, so much ahead of me, and I am so excited by that, and ready for the greatness to keep happening. I know that there are few surprises, yet lots of anticipation. I know that my life is going to be full, magical, exciting, emotional and engaging.

And, all I can say is WOW.


As I was reading my email this morning, I had a notification that I had a new comment on my blog post from yesterday, about taking steps toward our dreams. The comment was from a friend of mine on Facebook, a former coworker who I have been connected with more in the last few months. She commented on how I inspire her, and that she will come back and read that post when she needs her own boost to believe in her dreams.

WOW. As I read her words, and really let them go deeply into me, I realized yet again that this is the work that I am doing with the world. I am connecting with others, one at a time, by inspiring them, and getting inspired by them.

It is humbling to know that the words that I write, and the actions that I take in my own life truly inspire someone else. And, in the age of technology and FB, and instant messages, it is easier than ever to connect with other people. However, I know deeply that I don’t want to just CONNECT, meaning, reach as many people as possible with a sound byte. That is what I used to want; I wanted to reach the masses, because the number of persons that would read my blog or buy my book or adore me would be a true representation of my impact on their lives.

I have since discovered, through humility, grace, wisdom, and an opening heart, that the masses is secondary to what I really want to do.

I want to truly reach other people, to really inspire them. When I saw that comment from my friend this morning, it truly filled my heart, because I realized that the impact that I have on a person at a time is significant and meaningful. It could be a phone call with a friend, a hug with my daughter, or a blog post that really touches someone. It could be the AHA moments that will happen with my coaching clients. Inspiration is so key.

And, what is so exciting about it, is that it is an exchange, because then in turn, I feel inspired all over again. Inspired to continue what I am doing, to keep writing and dreaming and putting forth my intentions. That is what it takes to live a life that you love.

So, please, keep reading, keep getting yourself inspired, and always remember, my humans, that you inspire me, too.

The steps toward my dreams.

I have talked for years about pursuing and going after my dreams, and in some ways, I have done just that. However, most of the time my expressions about going after dreams was more whimsical than something that I actually took steps to do.

Then, the Handel Group came along, and turned that right on its head with me.

I learned that going after my dreams was not just a concept or idea to be admired, but an actual set of action steps that I could choose to take, or not to take, to go toward my dreams. I learned about manifesting my dreams into reality, and saw the results in my life; that manifesting does bring results. I learned that I can dream about my dreams all day and night long; however, unless I write them out, with all of the beauty and magic that I see them as; and put specific steps in place to achieve them, then I will keep dreaming about the dreams rather than truly living the dreams.

So, I wrote out every delicious dream that I have, whether that be in the area of career, love, or family relationships. I review my dreams every few weeks, and when they need to be amped up a bit, I rewrite them. And, I created a list of promises that I have in place that help me to take small, precise steps toward the dreams that I want to achieve.

You see, I decided a year ago that I didn’t want to just have dreams that seemed possible, but not probable. I decided that I wanted to be living a dream filled life. That I wanted to design more brilliant days, that didn’t just feel busy and hectic, but FULL. Days FULL of life.

That is what I have today. With every step that I take toward my dreams, I am closer to living the life that I am determined to live. I am closer to being my most happy, fulfilled self.

I am closer to free, loving and connected. Truly amazing.

making myself at home

I remember that before our daughter was born, I went through a period of nesting. I had read about it in all of the parents to be books, and mothers told me about it as well. That a few months before baby’s arrival, moms will go through a period of preparation, nesting it is called. Getting the home set up for the new being that is about to arrive there. I remember it vividly and I enjoyed the process so much.

I feel like I have been doing that same thing of sorts, a type of nesting, in my new home. I call it a home now because i have spent the last two weeks settling in, getting to know various aspects of it, and putting my touch, and my daughter’s touch, on it in every possible way. From what I hang on the walls, and where, to the type of food that I have in my fridge, to the decision to hang curtains, or not. It is all making it into a home, my home, our home.

I have moved into new places before, most often by myself. And, I don’t remember a time that I felt quite at home as soon as I do here. I purposely designed it that way. Although I thought about taking my time with unpacking, and extending the process over a few weeks, I decided that there was no time better than now, to get this place developed into where i will feel comfortable, warm and cared for. I got down to business and when I walk in, it feels right. I feel connected to it and like I could be here for awhile.

This move represents so many changes that have occurred in my life in the last year. And, although the changes have brought challenges as well as opportunities, I believe that this home will be one of abundance, hope, love, and light. I believe that what I have filled it with, and I don’t mean belongings, will bring forth warm energy that will begin, end, and fill my days.

I am so blessed.