Garbage day

Today, at my new residence, it is Garbage day. So, like all of my neighbors, I put my garbage can at the curb and then dragged it back to the porch at the end of the day.

Garbage day is significant for me because it is me creating my new routine. The new day that garbage goes to the curb. The schedule for recyclables. Finding out about putting up a clothesline, planting flowers and painting the rooms. All part of setting up my new routine and making my new house, a home.

As part of making myself at home, it is important for me to create the routines that are part of living here. Part of going forward in my life and setting myself up in an independent, loving way. Tonight, we picnicked on the kitchen floor, our daughter and myself, with a new recipe we both discovered.

The lack of a kitchen table doesn’t matter; a living room with chairs instead of a sofa has little impact; and creating the routines of our daily life are so important for our growth and our healing.

I love Garbage day, and the thoughts about planting my flowers and putting up a clothesline. I love making new meals in my new kitchen, taking our daughter to school and walking in my new neighborhood. Having a routine is really not a routine, but a new way of living that helps me to embrace this new experience. Even with the pain of change in growth, there is excitement and beauty in going forward.

Going forward and into my life.


2 thoughts on “Garbage day

  1. Do you remember the orange cat that used to visit when we started blogging together years ago?

    Serendipity or what? On my side of the ocean, we are moving house in two weeks…

    Me too, am growing the seedlings for our new garden. Wondering about where to put the garbage bin, when. Worrying about meeting new neighbours – yet planning a “hi, here we are!-” party. Even when we may not have everything in place. There will be food, drink – and hopefully some laughter! And me staying calm, friendly, not overdoing it out of nerves 😉

    Thank you for reminding me of the strenghts and opportunities of new routines.


  2. I remember hearing tale of the orange kitty, indeed. That orange kitty started coming around when I still had my beloved orange kitty who has since passed on. And yes, you are moving also, and finding out about where and when garbage goes; garbage, and the letting go of it, is so universal! And, it makes us find our connection to our new home. Yes, embrace your new neighbors, as they will be fortunate to embrace you. remember all of the golden opportunities in your new routines. LOVE them!!! xxoo

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