Truth is the beginning.

One year ago, I was at a retreat weekend in NYC with the Handel Group, at a Coaching Crash Course. I HIGHLY recommend it, for those of you that feel ready to dig deeper than you ever have into your true self and plan how to live out every sweet dream you have! I was ready, or so I thought, and how much more ready I have been since that weekend is amazing growth to me.

At the end of the weekend, we created these maps of what we would do in the next few months to go toward our dreams, what we would focus on most. My map was a tree, circled by the words Truth, Light, Love and Peace. In those days, I truly believed that Love was the center of all, and that it was needed for all else to happen.

However, I am rethinking this concept as of late. In light of the many truths I am bringing forth to those around me in my life, I realize that, even before Love, Truth has to come first. Truth is the beginning.

Truth is the seed from which all else emerges. Without truth, the truth of being who we really are, we cannot feel love for ourselves, nor receiving true, honest love from another person. Without truth, there can be no real peace on earth, for deception always causes conflict, I would guess way more than honesty does. Without truth, there can be no light, for lies and deceit reside in the darkness. When secrets are revealed and brought out of hiding, the true light shines upon them. They are dispersed and gone.

Truth reveals all else that we have within us; when we speak the truth, when we listen to the truth within ourselves, then we can be our best selves to others, and we can be happier than we have ever been. It takes great courage and persistence to keep standing in truth.

Yet, it is where all of true life begins. Truth is the real beginning.


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