The steps toward my dreams.

I have talked for years about pursuing and going after my dreams, and in some ways, I have done just that. However, most of the time my expressions about going after dreams was more whimsical than something that I actually took steps to do.

Then, the Handel Group came along, and turned that right on its head with me.

I learned that going after my dreams was not just a concept or idea to be admired, but an actual set of action steps that I could choose to take, or not to take, to go toward my dreams. I learned about manifesting my dreams into reality, and saw the results in my life; that manifesting does bring results. I learned that I can dream about my dreams all day and night long; however, unless I write them out, with all of the beauty and magic that I see them as; and put specific steps in place to achieve them, then I will keep dreaming about the dreams rather than truly living the dreams.

So, I wrote out every delicious dream that I have, whether that be in the area of career, love, or family relationships. I review my dreams every few weeks, and when they need to be amped up a bit, I rewrite them. And, I created a list of promises that I have in place that help me to take small, precise steps toward the dreams that I want to achieve.

You see, I decided a year ago that I didn’t want to just have dreams that seemed possible, but not probable. I decided that I wanted to be living a dream filled life. That I wanted to design more brilliant days, that didn’t just feel busy and hectic, but FULL. Days FULL of life.

That is what I have today. With every step that I take toward my dreams, I am closer to living the life that I am determined to live. I am closer to being my most happy, fulfilled self.

I am closer to free, loving and connected. Truly amazing.


2 thoughts on “The steps toward my dreams.

  1. Very powerful and encouraging words…hence why you inspire me…..I will read this every time I think I can’t…because with the knowledge and artistic (so I’m told) talent that I have, I Can fulfill my dream!!

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