As I was reading my email this morning, I had a notification that I had a new comment on my blog post from yesterday, about taking steps toward our dreams. The comment was from a friend of mine on Facebook, a former coworker who I have been connected with more in the last few months. She commented on how I inspire her, and that she will come back and read that post when she needs her own boost to believe in her dreams.

WOW. As I read her words, and really let them go deeply into me, I realized yet again that this is the work that I am doing with the world. I am connecting with others, one at a time, by inspiring them, and getting inspired by them.

It is humbling to know that the words that I write, and the actions that I take in my own life truly inspire someone else. And, in the age of technology and FB, and instant messages, it is easier than ever to connect with other people. However, I know deeply that I don’t want to just CONNECT, meaning, reach as many people as possible with a sound byte. That is what I used to want; I wanted to reach the masses, because the number of persons that would read my blog or buy my book or adore me would be a true representation of my impact on their lives.

I have since discovered, through humility, grace, wisdom, and an opening heart, that the masses is secondary to what I really want to do.

I want to truly reach other people, to really inspire them. When I saw that comment from my friend this morning, it truly filled my heart, because I realized that the impact that I have on a person at a time is significant and meaningful. It could be a phone call with a friend, a hug with my daughter, or a blog post that really touches someone. It could be the AHA moments that will happen with my coaching clients. Inspiration is so key.

And, what is so exciting about it, is that it is an exchange, because then in turn, I feel inspired all over again. Inspired to continue what I am doing, to keep writing and dreaming and putting forth my intentions. That is what it takes to live a life that you love.

So, please, keep reading, keep getting yourself inspired, and always remember, my humans, that you inspire me, too.


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