Today, over the course of the day, I stopped a few times and just thought, “WOW”. WOW because I feel like I am fully eating, drinking, and taking in of my life. I am designing it, I am engaged and intending so much of what I experience each and every day. I felt inspired and absolutely energized.

The truth is, I notice this more and more each and every day, for more of my day. No matter whether I have a few things on my agenda, or just a couple of things, I feel in the trenches of my life. I get dirty with it, splash around in it and thoroughly take it in. I swim in it and enjoy it. I understand more clearly what it feels like to truly live a life that we love.

I know that I have so much in store for me, so much ahead of me, and I am so excited by that, and ready for the greatness to keep happening. I know that there are few surprises, yet lots of anticipation. I know that my life is going to be full, magical, exciting, emotional and engaging.

And, all I can say is WOW.


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