I am discovering my purpose.

Each day, with each promise that I keep and step I make toward my dreams, I am realizing my purpose of why I am here. A year ago, that seemed somewhat mysterious to me. Today, I feel more and more clear about what my mission is here on this earth.

One of those purposes is to heal and make closer all of the important relationships in my life. To do that, I am being more honest, being my true self with those that I love, and apologizing or clearing up where I have acted selfish or unkind in the past. What I am discovering by being sincere and truthful, my relationships with my family and closest loved ones are deepening and are more honest than ever.

Another one of my missions here is to assist others in discovering their own greatness through my writings. By posting on this blog, writing my daily affirmations, and documenting my progress through my work with the coaching program, I am using my own experiences, and by writing them down, helping others to discover what they are truly capable of. The words are no longer just concepts that I want to believe in, but examples of how I am using these new lessons in my own life.

I am also seeing how living in the light of truth, and being the best person I can be, is part of my mission here on this earth. To be loving, nonjudgmental, fair and honest, is to show others how to thoroughly enjoy their own lives. I have been judgmental and unfair in the past, and have even closed off my heart out of fear of being hurt. Today, I know that living with an open heart is the only way to be truly happy.

One final mission of mine is to live my life as fully present in each moment as I can. I need to pray, meditate and stay in the moments of my life so that I can absorb all that there is here for me on this earth. By doing so, I can take my message forward for others. Ultimately, it is my connection to self, that will bring me to a deeper connection to others, and to the world at large. I am believing and trusting that all is well and by letting others know of this power, I hope to change lives.

I have always wanted to change the world, and was never sure how I would be able to do that beyond saying so. Today, I am learning my mission, changing my own life, and thereby changing the world. Truly amazing.