Memories by the dozen

I spent all of last week with my family, my parents, sibling, her family, and my daughter. It was truly amazing, to be with all of them, and to create memories in every moment of our visit. I have dozens of them implanted in my mind and in my heart.

It no longer feels to me that in order to have a special memory of an event, or a person, that it has to be something extra special or significant in comparison to our every day lives. I mean, my parents are not in my daily routine of my life, however, much of the time that we spent was in their routine of their life as a couple, and it was so enjoyable to be with them, in their home, and be part of them. Every moment was special, unique and full of love.

There are some standouts, of course. Going with my dad as he worked at his job, and helping him out, and then chatting with him about my dreams. Going with my mom as we discuss important family business, and talking with her about my own healthy choices and changes in my life. Swimming with my niece and nephew in the ocean for the first time. Riding the waves with my daughter. Eating ice cream on a hot day with my sister. Walking in the hot Florida heat, and feeling so in shape and vital and alive!

And in between, there were the breakfasts, lunches and dinners. There was the laundry and the morning coffee and paper. There was keys and walks around the house and an Easter egg hunt. All moments captured in my mind and my heart, and all with meaning and a specialness to them.

I have dozens of these special memories, dozens to carry me through when I am missing my loved ones who live far from me, when I want to recollect the last time that I saw their faces or laughed out loud with them. It is beauty and love and magic, and I am so grateful to be aware and present for every single one of them.


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