Seeking peace.

I have been practicing a daily ritual of meditation for the last several months. I began this practice because I had the desire to create a spiritual practice in order to get a more clear sense of my spiritual self, my soul, and what I wanted in terms of a relationship with a Higher Power. At first, the daily practice seemed awkward, and the fifteen minutes that I devoted to it seemed to take forever.

Today, I spend fifteen minutes in practice of various kinds, such as praying, sitting quietly, doing yoga poses, or listening to music, and the time goes so quickly. I am no longer distracted from just getting centered and peaceful; I am effective at it, and it inspires me to do so. I also write in a spirituality journal daily to account my journey over time.

I made a realization today however, which helped me to see where initiating this practice is helping me to be healthier and more balanced. Most of the day, I noticed that I had a nagging tightness in my stomach. Now, that physical sensation has almost always been a clear sign that I am feeling excessing stressed or anxious about something. I have been stressed a bit more than usual the last few days about money, however, I felt like I was mentally processing and planning to be able to worry less. However, the tightness continued.

So, I decided that today, instead of merely doing my practice of meditation, in addition to that I needed to seek the peace that would come from it; I would go to what worked for me before in order to relieve this anxious feeling. So, when I got home from work, tightness still present, I put on my loose clothes and I did thirty minutes worth of yoga poses. I stretched deeply, I focused my breath and my intention, and I felt the tightness subside. I cleared my mind and reminded myself that I would be cared for, and that all will be well.

What I find so exciting and inspiring about this experience today is that I knew what to do to help me to feel better. Rather than stay stressed out, take a drink or overeat, I got peaceful through a way that was healthy and self loving, and that worked.

I feel empowered and strong that I not only dedicate myself to a daily practice of gaining my peaceful center, I also am willing to seek out that peace when I need it the most. So cool.


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