Brilliance no matter what

Today, in the midst of my hectic work day, I walked out to my car and sat in the sun. I absorbed the warmth, and appreciated the quiet. I looked at the amazing blue sky and was in awe. I took in the many moments, one after another, that were right there before me.

What I thought about as I sat there is that even if there had been gray skies, rain falling or a brisk wind, I would sit in the moment and find brilliance no matter what. Pure, bright sunshine helps with feeling a sense of brilliance; however, it isn’t necessary if I am determined to design my brilliant life.

Almost every morning, I write down the intentions that I have for that day, written in the voice of a brilliant day already lived. And, guess what? I have brilliant days! It is not just a list of what I will do, it is also how I will feel as I go through my days.

I intend to enjoy and appreciate all aspects of my life, as my days go forward. I have no intention of not living it fully from now on. I don’t need to learn that lesson anymore, that any moments spent on not living a brillliant life, for one reason or another, is moments that are lost on not living a brilliant life.

I will encounter challenges, pain, happiness and opportunity. However, lessons are everywhere, life is for living, and I will not waste the gift of my time that is here.



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