Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Getting present to my life on a daily basis certainly has its benefits. One of those benefits is understanding the importance of my life not becoming too much of a routine. I used to think routines were fine for certain areas of my life, like work, or the way I fix dinner or take out the dogs, or even wash my hair. Now, I realize that even hair washing can be changed up every now and again.

A good routine can be the familiar for us, which for me, always brought comfort. The hard part of comfort for me though, was that I then became afraid, or at least, less willing, to try new things, to venture out on new adventures. Comfort felt nice, familiar, warm and cozy, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that feeling. However, it also steered me away from my adventurous spirit, the part of me that wanted to try new things, see new places and make new friends.

So, as I go forward my dreams more consistently and precisely, I realize that routines don’t fit so easily into my life anymore, and rightfully so. Although I enjoy planning my days, and knowing what will be in store for me, I also embrace the idea that sometimes I don’t know what is to come. Whether I am starting a new job, meeting a new person, or visiting a new location, it is entirely possible that what lies within that experience could be all new and unknown to me.

So, even with the process of lather, rinse, repeat, it always creates a new adventure to change it up a bit. Whatever that means for you, take a chance, change it up, and tap into your sense of adventure, magic and wonder. It will be well worth it.


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