In describing and discovering the dream for all areas of my life, one of the areas that seems to be the most challenging for me is in the area of fun. I have had such a difficult time discovering what fun is for me. I mean, there are things that I enjoy doing, that are either hobbies or interests, and some of them can be fun. However, really allowing myself to get excited about the heightened energy in something, that has not been so easy for me.

This week, my daughter and I went to Hershey Park here in Pennsylvania. She had a trip planned with her newspaper club at school, and she actually wanted me to chaperone and come along. Well, looking for opportunities to connect with her whenever possible, I said yes. And, we had so much FUN!

What made the day fun? Countless parts of the day. Riding a school bus with eighteen loud, laughing and very energetic adolescents, listening to the buzz of anticipation. Eating snacks and reading. Going to an amusement park, which I am enjoying more now than ever before in my life.

Riding the carousel. That is definitely at the top of the list. AND, finding a horse on the carousel at Hershey that moved up and down, and had a pink bridle. Cool.

Riding a rollercoaster, a wooden, noisy one, and screaming through the whole thing.

Drinking/eating a sour apple slushie.

Going to Chocolate World at the end of the day and finding the perfect candy to take home.

Black Twizzlers, Cinammon flavored Jolly Ranchers, and Reeses Whoppers. BLISS.

Connection with my kid.

I realized that day, and since then, that for me, fun is really not so much a specific event or activity, but the nature of how I am present to my life. Sure, not every moment has fun in it. However, the more present I am, the more aware of what I am involved in and doing, the more that I can go along for the sweet ride.

And oh, what a sweet ride it can be!


2 thoughts on “Fun!

  1. What a great day that sounds. I think as adults we think fun is a big deal, when it can just be who we are or who we are with — fun can be low key and still fun. glad you had so much fun in Hershey. I understand the whole town smells like chocolate!

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