I have really been busy manifesting this week in my life. There are weeks when I forget just how powerfully the act of manifesting works. Then, I pay attention to it, and magic happens.

First, I manifested money. My money was so tight this week, after a training weekend in NY, and a lot of extra expenses this week. I had some worry and tense moments about taking care of that which I needed to financially. And, I received a check this week for an outstanding class action suit that was resolved.


Then, I manifested my body and proper weight range. While in New York, I was less in my routine for exercise and eating what I am accustomed to eating. So, I decided when I got home that I would restrict my points/calories to manifest the weight range that desire. And, I envisioned the number that would be on the scale when I stepped on it this morning. And, it was.


I am also manifesting big my relationship with my ex, and our working together for our daughter, and for one another. I have had to acknowledge when I fucked up this week with her, when I got bitchy, when I crossed the lines and violated her privacy and trust. And, it felt so freeing to apologize for that, and to be clean about it. I wanted to go to feeling badly about it, and instead I apologized genuinely and moved forward. I know that we have a long way to go to create a brilliant relationship with one another. I know that I need to create new laws and respect her boundaries and limitations. I know that it isn’t all about me.


The magic doesn’t just happen. It happens because I envision what it is that I desire, and then I focus on that. I empower myself to make the changes. I don’t presume that others are going to make the changes for me. I am making the change. I am creating the magic. Me.

I know that no matter what the life of my dreams is up to me. And, I intend on making good on it.


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