Celebrating the love!

I spent this past weekend in New England, celebrating my parents with my siblings, nieces and nephews. It was truly a weekend filled with love, purpose, honor and great stories. I cherished every moment and felt deeply sad when it was over.

My parents have been married for fifty years. In that time, they have raised five children, they have buried their parents, buried a child, stayed up late waiting for us to arrive, and moved us to new locations where life would surely be better. They have struggled with their own health, the health and well being of their children, and their grandchildren. They have had conflicts with each other, and with each one of us. There have been dozens of variables over the years. The one thing that has remained constant throughout it all, has been the love that is present.

You see, I have always known that my parents love me. Even though there have been times when I told myself they were not happy with my decisions, or what I was doing in my life, I knew deep down that they continued to love me through it all. And, I feel so blessed in the fact that I have always known that, my whole life, because they have told me, and they have shown me that love.

The love that they have given to us has been passed down to all of us, their children and grandchildren, and because of that legacy, we pass it on as well. We are all parents, my siblings and I, and we all understand the importance of loving our children, caring for them, keeping them safe when we can, and guiding them as brilliantly as possible.

We all hate the idea of letting go.

Yet, our parents let go of us when the time was right, and we all became beautiful, loving and caring adults. The weekend was filled with big stories, and small stories of the lives that we now have woven together in our own areas of the world. Of the struggles that we still experience and the hope that our lives can always get better. Our parents, my mom and dad, have helped us to see that and to believe it over the years.

I don’t know if I will ever be married, and I am not sure if it will be for fifty years’ time. What I do know is that as I go forward in my life, I will always remember and cherish the love that has been given to me, and am grateful that I understand how to keep giving it in return.


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