Discovering my mission.

Over the last eighteen months, I feel like I have been on an expedition, almost like an archaelogical dig. I have been digging deeply into myself, and finding treasures that indicate, and prove, that life once existed there. That there can be gold and gems below the surface. That even if life continues on, and builds on top of what once existed, it doesn’t mean that it was never there.

I have always, since I was a small child, had a desire to truly change the world. To help to heal those that suffer. To fix what is broken. To show to others what is the true meaning of what they seek. And, for much of my adult life, my attempts at changing the world, hell, at SAVING it, were often in vain. They were ways for me to prove to myself, or to others, that I held value and worth because I was able to lead someone out of the darkness.

I wanted to be the superhero in the story.

Today, after my expeditions so far, I have narrowed in more distinctly on truly why I am here. On what my true meaning and purpose here is on this earth. My purpose is to indeed, change the world. That purpose is to be fulfilled through connecting with other human beings, sometimes, one at a time. It is a mission that will go forward by the steps that I take. However, I have adjusted my intentions in that mission ever so slightly.

Today, instead of the desire to be the hero, the messenger, the expert in how to improve lives, my mission is to be a guide. To invite the questions, welcome the inquiries, and then serve as a guide for others who are seeking their own dreams. It is not my mission, nor my wish, to show others the way that must work for them. It is not to deem myself heroic, or an expert in some way. My mission is to guide others back to themselves, and to assist them in finding the answers that will help them achieve every dream that they hold in their hearts. A guide toward a higher level of awareness, of being, of light, love and peace.

That is my mission.


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