Learning to profoundly say yes, and, no.

This concept has recently come more acutely to my attention, by the President of the Handel Group,during one of our training calls. In order to live our dream lives, and feel inspired and happy in all of our life areas, we need to get really good at speaking our yeses and no’s profoundly.

That made so much sense to me, and I knew right away that it was something that I needed to get better at doing. For most of my life up to this point, I have not been very effective at saying no. Or, at saying yes for that matter. I have often said yes to things that I was too scared to say no; and avoid saying no to something by not following through. I have never felt particularly profound in the answers that I have given.

However, I am living my life much differently now. My time is precious to me, and I am honoring it in deep ways. Therefore, what I say yes, and no to, has to be thoughtful and deep as well. So, when I am planning my life, creating my promises, and going toward that which I most desire, I want it deeply. So, I say a profound, unwavering YES. Yes to my workouts and my dream body. YES to my deeper relationships with my family. YES to a relationship with money that I am proud of. And, what I am learning about more each day, is that with each profound YES that I speak, and live, I must say a profound NO to something else.

The types of things that I say NO to today, are things that are not the best ways to spend my time, like NO to excessive time on line; NO to avoiding calls with my family and friends; NO to not living within my budget; NO to ways that I spend my time. When I add something profound, deep and meaningful, I need to take away what is not directly related to my journey toward my dreams. I am getting more clear, solid and committed to what is most important and meaningful to me.

I am ready, I am focused, and committed to living my life in line with what I truly desire. I am saying YES, I am saying NO, with pride, confidence and love.


3 thoughts on “Learning to profoundly say yes, and, no.

  1. “My time is precious to me.”
    Me too 🙂
    It echo’s something Moses said in the Psalms, that always stirs something in me…..”teach me to number my days, that I may have a heart of wisdom.”

    so did you have any withdrawal as you weened yourself off facebook or was there enough “angst” that it was an easy thing? Miss seeing your smiling face there, never the less. later- dm

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