Flipping off the Universe.

I have made it pretty well known to most of the people in my life, if not all of the people in my life, how shifted and different that I feel. Cleaner. More truthful. More inspired and focused on how to go after my dreams. Living my life that I intend as if I already have it. It is truly beautiful stuff. And today, as I was contemplating during my several hours of silence (I go most of the day and evening without speaking a whole lot when my daughter isn’t here; and I mostly enjoy the silence when I have it), I had a revelation of sorts.

I thought deeply about the work that I am doing through the Handel Group, the shifts that I am making in my own world, and the lives that I will help to evolve by being a coach. And, I went so deeply that I understood a bit of the spiritual realm that is my coaching work, as a client and as a coach. This is what I realized: if I am not living my best life, being truthful with myself and with those around me, and truly going after my dreams with intention and purpose, I am basically flipping off the Universe. Or God. Or Buddha. Or whomever you give your allegiance to in the area of spirituality, if anything.

For me to look in the face of spiritual greatness, as a human being on this earth, and to not do every single thing that I am meant to do as my mission and purpose, with the gifts that I have been given to do them, is me slapping God in the face. It is saying, through my actions, or lack thereof, that I take for granted the opportunity that I have been given to make a difference and to change the world. When I came to this realization today, it hit me hard. It was one of those clunker type moments, which I seem to have more often lately, that just leaves me speechless for a period of time. I know that I chose to be here, with the parents that I chose, and to fulfill the mission that I am working on every day. However, if I go about that mission without gratitude, without understanding the deep honor and privilege it is to be me, right here and now, working my magic, then I am telling Great Spirit that I could care less about the gifts that I have been given.

I feel so humbled, in awe and inspired by all that is around me. I falter, I fail, I want to give up at times. However, on days like today, when I truly feel the impact of what I am working on here, I feel absolutely alive, full of light, and magical.

Now, that to me, is a true spiritual awakening.


2 thoughts on “Flipping off the Universe.

  1. We applaud your level of connectivity. Well-wishes on your continued journey of realization… it’s what grounds us so that we can continue to connect with others. Light and Love ~

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