The trees are crying.

The more deeply that I transform my life, build deeper relationships with those around me, and become more clear in what my mission and purpose is here, the better that I understand my strong connection with the Earth. I identify so deeply with my Native American roots, which has been since I was child. However, as I take down the traits that have tripped me up most of my life, and design my brilliant life and fulfill my dreams, those Native connections are stronger than ever, and directly related to my mission and purpose here.

Today, as I was driving to work, I was going a different way than I normally do, now that I am living in a different area. The area that I live in now is more suburban in nature, and the place that I lived in a few months ago was deeper in the country. As I drove through the country today, I noticed some severe clearing of wooded areas that was not so the last time I drove past. Dozens of big, full trees were either already toppled, or were in the process of being destroyed.

I swear, that as I drove by, I could feel the trees crying.

I understand that the world needs to build, grow, change. I know that development is necessary for people to work, to thrive, to have what they need. But nature no longer has what it needs, in so many situations. The wood animals, creatures, and the wood itself is being displaced for convenience.

I grieve, not for progress, but for the lack of a place for nature in the face of that progress. So, I keep connected, as much as possible, to my fellow creatures, to the natural habitats that surround me, so that I remain forever aware of my connection, and responsibility, to the earth and all of her beings.


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