It works if you work it.

About a year ago, I got myself sober. I got called out, by a gift of a person in my life, through the coaching program, about being a liar in regard to my drinking. At the time, it felt like a total affront, a confrontation that was not deserved. However, deep down, I knew that she was right. I knew that I had been lying to everyone around me about how worried I was about my drinking. I knew that night that she confronted me about my lies that I had to stop. Right then and there.

Part of my recovery and sobriety for over a year, has been possible through the support and connection I have created with AA. Being in the field of mental health, and assisting others with issues related to life, I had been pretty familiar with 12 step programs. I had read a lot of the literature, I had memorized some of the most common slogans, and I knew some people in the program. However, even after I got sober, I had no interest in actually being in the program. Going to meetings. Getting anything of value from it.

I was wrong. Again.

AA has been one of the best decisions of my life. I truly hear part of my own story, in the stories of every single person that speaks at a meeting. Every meeting that I go to, which is one a week at least for me, to keep a promise to myself, every meeting that I walk into is the one that I am meant to be in. Because in every meeting, the topic that is discussed is one that I most need to hear about, or talk about. The meetings don’t help because I get suggestions, although sometimes, I do. They don’t help because I have a person there who has the exact same journey as I do. They help me because there is a sense of fellowship there, and no matter what, you are welcomed back, every time.

Later this month, on my birthday, I will be celebrating, with my home group, one year of sober living. I will be proud and happy to get up and accept my medallion. I know that no matter what, this program has helped me. And, if I keep coming back, it will work for me if I work it.


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