There is no such thing as luck!

I have had many profound shifts in thinking and feeling over the last two years. It has been powerful and loving work, and as a result of my work, I am enjoying deeper and more connected relationships with others; I am getting more brave to try new things; and I am realizing some dreams that I had long ago put upon the shelf. I feel blessed and happy, getting happier every day.

There has been many times in my life that I would have chalked these brilliant shifts up to being lucky, fortunate, falling under a lucky star. I believed for a long time that the good fortune, or heartache, came from outside of me and that I had no hand in the design. I mean, I would acknowledge that I had done some practical things to be successful, like apply for the new job, go back to school, or read about something. But, when true beauty would land in my life, I often found myself being thankful for my good fortune.

So, in turn, I would often come in contact with people that would believe that that they lived unfortunate lives; that nothing good came their way; that they were powerless to the karma or Universe and never got a break. It really got me thinking.

What feels so much deeper, more beautiful and exciting, is that I am truly designing all aspects of my brilliant life. I designed conversations to clean up situations that I have not handled gracefully in my life. I designed being tired from not going to bed early enough, or running out of time. I designed my recent, amazing relationship with money and paying down my debt. I designed a teaching gig that is a topic that I have wanted to teach at the college level for 13 years.

No luck anywhere to be found.

It could be really easy to believe that is all due to luck, and the charms that I wear on my neck or the wishes that I make as I blow on a dandelion. However, I want to be powerful; I want to be in charge of the brilliant design that is my result. So, that means, luck can’t be part of that. It is all my work, my play, my dreams.

So now, instead of looking for that four leaf clover to carry with me, I think I will just lie in the field of it. Amazing!


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