Trust, having enough, and peanut butter deals

I have spent much of my life not believing that there was enough. I had to look for good deals, bargains and sales so that I could stock up on supplies, just in case. It has been exciting to find the deals, yet anxiety producing to constantly be in a state of worry of what I need to be prepared for.

I eat peanut butter and jelly every day for lunch. And, recently, even though I had plenty of peanut butter in my house, and at my office, I kept having a nagging feeling that I should stock up on peanut butter, when it was on a good sale, just in case. Just so I would make sure to have enough. I had no trust that I wouldn’t get the deal, when I really needed the peanut butter.

I am finding my true self as a spiritual being. And, to evolve and grow as a spiritual being, I am learning to let go, and to have deep faith and trust in what will be for me. Although I am designing more intentionally than ever, to create the life that I love, there are aspects of my life that are completely out of my control. I am powerless to anything that happens that does not have to do directly with me. Letting go of that is freeing, and scary at the same time. It means that I need to deepen my trust that I will always be cared for, and that the more that I hold on tightly, the less I am likely to build that trust. I need to stop trying to control, to let go, and trust that the how will be shown to me. As long as I keep the dream in my sights, the how doesn’t really matter. I will surely get there.


2 thoughts on “Trust, having enough, and peanut butter deals

  1. funny, I too have had those “promptings”, except mine are w/ Lentils, potatoes, and bulk oatmeal 😉 and in my case I have been stocking up. I look @ it like insurance, hope you never have to use it, but just in case….I spend $900 a year on our house insurance, 550 a month on health insurance, etc. don’t think nothing of it..,,peace and love. DM

  2. That makes so much sense to me; why not? The part that I most need to let go of is the anxiety that preceeds it, for the times that I don’t have it stocked up, I can still be feeling okay. Thanks for reading my friend, how is your apple harvest going? Love, Vanessa xo

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