You have to play to win!

What a week this has been! A week when I had to make decisions, be present to my options, and speak up truthfully. By the end of the week, I was exhausted and yet, at peace.

This week was a big lesson, in having to play to win. In wanting what I want, but having to be in the midst of my life in order to even entertain having it. How that happened in my life this week, is that I had to make a choice, in the direction of my dreams. I had to say yes, and no, to two different career paths. It was difficult and stressful, yet if I was not interested in playing to win my dreams, I would have not been stressed. The decision, or the lack of needing to make one, would have been easy to make.

I had to decide for my dream, my dream of being a coach, which meant saying no to a job that I was ready to take, one that I knew that I would enjoy. I had to say no to that job, so that I could say YES to my beautiful dream. I realized how infrequently in my life I have spoken up and chosen, spoken up and made a firm decision. For a career, a relationship, my body, my soul!

I have not played to win in my life, for much of my life. I have been successful, and happy, and healthy and blessed. Yet, I always kept all of my options open, which meant that I couldn’t focus precisely on my dreams. I spread my resources everywhere, rather than focus like a laser beam on exactly what I wanted.

Now, I am ready, ready for the focus and the precision and the magic to happen. I am ready for my dreams to be real in my life. I am playing to win, knowing full well in my heart that I will be cared for, loved and safe as I keep saying yes to that. When I play to win, it means that I, first of all, have agreed to play. And, only when I said yes to playing, did I have a chance at winning my dreams.

This is no lottery, no game of chance. Yet, I am in the game of my life, and I am winning BIG.

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