A friend of mine from the blogging world asked me this week to write about my thoughts on contentment. And, as with many other topics, I gave the matter much thought.

Defining contentment was not as easy as I thought it would be.

At first, I thought of contentment as a feeling of familiarity, of feeling happy, but not overjoyed. Of having some of what you want and being happy with that without pursuing something deeper or greater. I thought of it as settling for what we have rather than what we may really want.

Then, I thought about it even more deeply today, during one of my deep meditative states in my car (and do you know, a coworker of mine drove past me last week during one of my meditative states, blowing her horn and waving madly, and I never heard or saw her. I didn’t have my radio on, I was just in the zone).
What I decided today was that I had it all wrong in thinking that contentment was some ordinary state that we settle for, when we aren’t willing or able to push ourselves further and deeper.

Contentment to me means:

PEACE: a sense deep within of calm and resolve.
HUMILITY: A deep sense of how mighty this world really is.
GRATITUDE: Deep appreciation for all that we are offered every day.
FULFILLMENT: The dream realized.
TRUST: That we are always being watched out and cared for.

What I realized when I really meditated on this today, is that Contentment is much deeper than just being happy. Contentment means SOUL happiness, a happiness so deep and pure that it doesn’t require fanfare or announcements; it is just felt down to our toes. Contentment is not just the feeling, but the deep UNDERSTANDING that we are here for a mission and purpose, and that we are fulfilling it in all that we do. It is total belief that we are being watched over and that all will be well.

For me,contentment, without realizing it when my friend asked me, is what I am aspiring to. It is the true sense that what I am doing matters, and that I am connected and transparent. It means that my presence here has purpose and meaning and that I am in love with my life and its work.

Contentment is big.


4 thoughts on “Contentment.

  1. Hi Vanessa! I’m still around! 🙂 What a great post! I totally agree. The word contentment has been given the wrong meaning all together, because in Western society for a while now, we have been trained to think that MORE (and faster) is better and that we shouldn’t “settle”. When really, all we long for is to be a peace, and to settle with ourselves! Your definition brings back the true meaning of the word. Thank you and much love to you!

      1. I’m doing great! I live in Oslo, Norway, working as receptionist at a hotel and saving money every month. (the goal is to do a world round trip, starting next winter but don’t tell anyone 😉 ) And so this is where I am and where I want to be right now. 🙂 I’m excited about my life’s journey, and I don’t mean the countries I travel to! Have a great day today!

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