A ribbon sky.

I was on my way to work one day last week. It is autumn here in Pennsylvania, and from my best recollection, that seems to bring some of the most brilliant sunrises and sunsets of the year. On this particular morning, the sky was exceptionally beautiful, as the sun was rising and the clouds were still spread across the horizon.

The way that the clouds appeared, immediately made me think of ribbons. Long, flowing strands of color that look silky and never ending. They weren’t puffy or storm like, more like an endless tapesty of color.

I was in total awe.

I have thought about that morning many times since then, wanting to write about it, and yet, not taking the time to get here and do so. And, as I walked this morning under a similar sky, I decided that the meaning of it for me was about the awesome power of nature, of Great Spirit, of the life and world that exists around us.

There have been so many times in my life, less frequently today, when I would be so immersed in the tasks of my life, that I wouldn’t notice a brilliant sky, a magical rainstorm or snowflakes falling. I have been consumed by what I thought I had to get done, and then, missed out on the wonder around me that is always there for the sharing.

Today, I am much more present than ever before, to all that exists in the moments of my days. It is not perfection, mind you. I still miss details of the world around me, when I am thinking about what is next on the list. However, it is a muscle that I am continuing to strengthen.

The awesomeness of our world, as it lives and breathes around us, is so full of magic, wonder, and beauty, it is unkind not to notice it and be inspired by it.


One thought on “A ribbon sky.

  1. Great analogy! Shiny never ending ribbons like the way life is. Every day is shiny and new and the cycle of life is never ending. I often look at the sky for answers or reassurance or even a sign. Nice story, it could also be a poem or a song.

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