This is going to be my best year yet. I just know it.

There is so much in store for me, so much opportunity, wonder, magic.

I know that I have a word that is going to be the theme for my new year: Connection.

I intend to have a year full of connecting more deeply with the family and friends that are in my life. I intend to continue to get better at communicating with grace, and wisdom. To tell the truth, without hurting the hearts of others. I speak from my soul and understand that not all that I meet and have in my life are ready for this walk.

To connect to my clients through coaching, and to get to know them more deeply than ever before. To be open and willing to hear their stories and help them to go on a deep journey of self discovery. To be real and to really listen.

To connect with my Higher Power, in a deeper way than ever before. I have grown in my faith so much in the last year, and I want to go even deeper, to learn so much more about myself, that it deepens my spiritual experience, and helps me to trust on a deeper level that everything happening in my life is for a higher purpose.

I know that in this new year, I will encounter many changes again, more than ever before. I understand that for me, change means growth, means stepping up into my life and really knowing myself deeply. It means being humble, present, and intentional in my thoughts, words, actions, and feelings. It means not judging others by what I think is best; rather, by showing them the nature of what I hold deeply in my heart.

Through surrender, acceptance, and faith, a deeper connection to all that is in my life is there for my taking it.

Happy New Year to all, and may 2012 be the best year of your life so far.



4 thoughts on “2012.

  1. Happy New Year, Vanessa! May you connect with peace, courage, wisdom and love today and all days ahead. Keep striving dear one. You have a loving soul and a compassionate spirit. Keep the irons in the fire.

    With kindred spirit today and all days, Love,


  2. Having a word for the year is so wonderful. I love your word connection. Perfect for all the work you are doing. My word is abundance and I am so enjoying seeing that abundance isn’t all about money, but about abundance of spirit and joy and love.
    Happy New Year, Vanessa!

    1. Happy New Year, Tiny: yes, and another word for me is Faith. I have been faithless most of my life; meaning, not able to let go, surrender and trust. I am learning to do that more and more and it is freeing……. xoxo

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