Enjoying every bite.

Since I was a kid, actually since about eight years old, I have been fat. Overweight. Chubby. I heard it and thought it all of myself. I have lost weight, gained it back, done diets and pills and meetings and plans. Some have been successful, for a period of time, and others failed miserably. Today, I am at a weight that I am proud of and maintaining, for the longest period of my life, over a year now.

Yet, getting what you want can be a tricky thing. You see, when I have lost lots of weight in the past, say, fifty pounds, it felt great and I was so proud of my accomplishment. And then, I started taking it for granted, like once I dropped the weight, I could go back to eating however and whatever I wanted. And magically, those pounds found their way back to me. Funny, huh?

I have caught myself at my own game after all of these years. And now, I have a food and exercise regimen that seems to work for me, and I am consistent about it. I weigh myself once a week, same day and same time of day every week. And you know, even after a year, of maintaining my weight most of the time in a two to four pound weight range, I think I can relax and not pay attention to my dream: to have, and to keep, my in shape, sexy and healthy body. So, I stop counting bites here and there. I snack all the time on hard candy. I don’t measure my portions. It all adds up.

So, this week, I added some new rules. Like, no hard candy for a week. No desserts or treats at night, besides ONE piece of dark chocolate, or fruit. And, I have also committed to slowing down my eating, savoring every single bite. I am playing a game to take at least fifteen minutes for each meal, to eat, and to put my fork down more when I am eating, in between my bites. Really appreciating and savoring each one.

What I figured out when I started this new game yesterday, is that this is a lot like life and how I look at it these days. It isn’t always about taking a big bite out of life, and seeing how easily we can chew on it. For me, now more than ever, it is about being present, taking my time, and really focusing on here and now, and what I am doing in it.

And, savoring every, single bite.


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