Telling the Radical Truth.

I am learning more all the time about tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. Not my strongest skill over periods of my life.

Sure, I have told part of the truth about many things. I have told the full truth even, on occasion. However, much less frequently than I should be. And, not having feelings of pride around times when I withheld big parts of the truth, of what I was really feeling, thinking and believing.

A couple of weeks ago, I heard a person at an AA meeting refer to her use of Radical Truth. I was intrigued, and scared. Can I really get there? Have I been that far off from that type of truth?

Absolutely to both.

Radical truth is about telling our full truth, and having faith and trust, as well as hope, that all will be well. Knowing that when we take care of the parts of our truth that are for us to own fully, the rest will come to pass.

Radical Truth comes about through Faith.

So, it is really no accident that faith, and my identifying with it consistently, has been a struggle for me in my life. I have had trouble letting go enough to be able to trust in something bigger than myself, who was watching over me all the time. So, telling the truth, and fearing the result, was just too scary, because I didn’t have faith that all would fall into place.

Today, my faith continues to deepen, and I have trust that all will be well. Not just because of my faith, however. Also, because I know that I can tell the truth with love, compassion and grace, and that my world will change because I am changing it, too.

Radical Truth means speaking, living, and standing in my full truth, being transparent, and showing my same self to all of those in my life, no matter in what capacity. It also means feeling proud, and standing tall in that, in the type of life that I am creating.

So, today, I am about telling, and living, from a space of Radical Truth. I am open, I have faith, and I am ready to believe in the dream and what will be.

And how I am designing all of it.


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