Having Radical Faith.

This week was a week that was a struggle. Much of it was self imposed struggle, but nonetheless, it felt heavy and difficult much of the time. I was tired. I was discouraged. I was sad. Many circumstances in my life currently, and much of the thoughts in my own head, kept me in a funk and only periods of time when I felt pretty balanced.

So, I started thinking about faith, radical faith. Just as I spoke about radical truth, I also was thinking about radical faith this week. To me, Radical Faith is the presence of a belief in yourself, and in a Higher Power, that all will be well. Through the combination of my own efforts and design, and what Great Spirit has in store for me, I started believing more deeply that all will be well.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I believe that my life just needs to be easy breezy, with no challenges or room for difficulty. I know that I am going to encounter challenges in my life; I am in the midst of some right now. And, I am not asking for a reprieve from those challenges. I actually frame them in a perspective of gratitude, gratitude for the struggles, for in my deepest struggles, I grow well beyond what I believed.

What I am looking for is a deep, profound connection with a belief in hope, in a belief that all will be well through my efforts and through being watched over and guided. Faith. Radical Faith. What makes it so radical for me is that I have rarely let go of controlling my surroundings long enough to let go. Radical Faith means letting go of what is not mine to handle, and trusting that it will be taken care of as it should. And, that I will always be watched over, protected and loved.

This is not such a stretch for me anymore. I am feeling more connected and a part of something bigger than myself than ever before. Yet, when I get discouraged, or feel overwhelmed, I stay in my own head and believe that I need to take on the world by myself.

So, I am learning more deeply, that to have Radical Faith means to trust that I will be cared for, that all will be well, and that I can trust myself, too.


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