The Sky.

I have been really diligent in the last week or so to really stay in the moment. That is not as easy as it may seem. To really stay present, in what is happening right now, is truly a challenge. It is not just about not getting distracted by other happenings in the vicinity where we are at the time. It is not getting distracted by where our thoughts want to take us, which are unproductive, or even destructive or harmful.

It is those moments when we want to be at peace, and yet, we find, I FIND, many things to worry, obsess, or think about.

So, I worked really hard this week to spend many of my moments during the day, to be in that moment. When I was on the phone, keeping my attention on the person whom I was talking with. When I was with my daughter, really enjoying those moments in the car or at home, without thinking of the half dozen things I needed to tell her right then. When at work, being present to what I was doing and really committing to that.

As I said, it was difficult much of the time. It takes real skill, and focus, and diligence. Yet, when I did feel fully in the moment, I felt really joyful, because I was present to my life, what was happening right then.

I realized this week, that one thing that inspires me to stay in the moment is the sky. Why? Because in almost every moment, it looks different. The clouds move, the colors change, the dawn or dusk is upon me. As I watched the sky in all of its amazing forms this week, whether from my car, while I was walking, or from my home out the window, I got present to its magic in that moment.

I feel so blessed and fortunate that I get to observe that amazing sky each and every day, and it reminded me this week of the importance of staying present. Because, once this moment is gone, it is gone.

And I don’t want to miss it.


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