Designing my Life.

I have been involved with the Handel Group officially, after just checking them out from a distance, for about two years now. In that time, I have learned a great deal about our methodology, and how we help ourselves, and others, create brilliant lives. I have seen the magic work for myself, and for many people around me. And, I believe in it fully.

Yet, I really didn’t get how specifically I actually design my own life, for the great, and the not so great.

I mean, I accepted the concept that we design our own lives; that we create what it is that we want, and also, what we say that we don’t want. We are the ones calling the shots in our life situations. The part that I totally didn’t want to accept how I was designing my life, my life that in many ways was a chaotic mess. And, it didn’t just become that way; I made it that way.

It really took a wake up call, from myself, to me, and others around me that love me immensely, to let me know that I really have to own what and where I need to change in my life, in order for my life to change. Like, if I want to do it, I just have to DO it.

How often have I sat back as an observer to my life, watching how things played out, and pretending like I didn’t have to own any accountability in the outcome? Easy, right? Then I don’t have to take responsibility when things go terribly wrong, but I loved taking it when it went in a way that I loved.

Today, I am embracing all of it, the big, fat mistakes that I make almost daily, and the rich rewards from living a life that is more transparent, honest, and free. It is so much easier to have faith and trust in the days ahead, when I know that I am designing them so much more beautifully, and intentionally, than I ever have before.

The path ahead of me will continue to have storms to weather and rocky times, yet I know that I can design the lessons and the outcomes to be beautiful and mine to own.

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