There is always time for gratitude.

I have a morning ritual that I have been doing since shortly after Christmas. I was given a bracelet from my brother and his family, a Gratitude bracelet; the word “Gratitude” is spelled out, on individual beads, one bead for each letter, with the premise being to express something you are grateful for with each bead. I started doing it shortly after I received it as a gift.

What I noticed, after having been doing it for a few weeks, is that my day started out more peaceful, and I felt more connected to the lessons and the beauty in my life. It was working, focusing on what I have to be grateful for, in each day of my life. However, it is funny how we can forget how good, feeling good really feels…..

There are mornings when getting out of the house, and getting a teen daughter to school and me to work, can be a bigger challenge than others. On those mornings, I fool myself into believing that saving sixty seconds will make all the difference. So it was yesterday morning, as I was finishing up to get us out the door. I was putting on my jewelry, and as I took my gratitude bracelet out, I went to put it on, thinking, “I don’t have time for my gratitude list today, I will do it when I get to work.”

Then, it hit me. There is ALWAYS time for gratitude. ALWAYS.

We might not always feel the desire to have gratitude, or the energy to call up for gratitude, but there is always time and space for it, even when it feels like we have to search so hard to find it. It is always there, and it is always the right time to express it and call it to our hearts.

What a brilliant lesson for me, in the midst of challenges and new paths in my life. I see now, more than I have ever before, that there is ALWAYS space, opportunity, and TIME for gratitude.


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